Adziana Crossita (possibly not his real name) is from Perth, Australia and he is absolutely adorable. This is his mission statement:

“I’m just a happy go lucky girly boy that loves all things feminine and also blokey stuff too. I’ve had no surgery or hormones, and live my daily life as a man.”

He may or may not be a sissy but that’s his business. When you look this cute all dressed up you can be anything you want to be. As a matter of fact, anyone can be anything they want to be at any time. Write that down.

Adziana Crossita

Adziana Crossita

Romper Room

So I’m minding my own business trying to get through today’s email, and this ad is on the sidebar. Its for Make Me Chic, featuring all kinds of pretty rompers and jumpsuits which I’ve always had a weakness for.

If you’re on Yahoo you’ve probably seen the website and I would suggest checking it out. Their prices seem very good, sizes go up to large and maybe extra large for you big guys. I’m not sure because I want to get out on my bike before the wind picks up.

The only thing that bothers me slightly with this romper is that it cost $27 and they offer free shipping for orders over $29. Maybe I’ll check out their accessories later but I must have this. Its a short convertible floral romper that’s machine washable. Perfect for just about everything except riding my motorcycle.

Note 1: There is a size guide for each item next to the description-use it.

Note 2: Its short, very short. Be aware of that and choose your panties carefully.

Convertible Floral Romper

Convertible Floral Romper

Convertible Floral Romper

Love Letters

You may be getting a tax refund in the near future and you should try to spend it sensibly, not on something frivolous like another babydoll nightie. Unless that babydoll is the Love Letters Babydoll from Dottie’s Delights.

Description: “This little darling is as sheer as it comes, available in either powder pink or black, made of the same authentic wispy nylon as the vintage nightgowns of the 1960’s. Very short, flirty length gathered from the neckline with a tiny satin ribbon and bow stitched at center.

Little cloud tuffs at the shoulder that can be made to stick upright or down depending on the look you desire. My favorite feature is the ruched circle pouch pocket at the hip, also adorned with the satin ribbon. The perfect size to store all of your naughty and nice items – from lipstick to cell phones to condoms.”

OK, lets recap: a beautiful sheer nightie, available in powder pink or black, made of wispy nylon like the ones you may have worn in the 60’s, and a pocket for your lipstick and cell phone. Well if that isn’t sensible I don’t know what is. Go for it!

Note: panties, manicure, pedicure, heels, false eyelashes, wig, lipstick, cell phone and condoms not included.

Dottie’s Delights

Love Letters Babydoll

Love Letters Babydoll

The Dainty Rascals

Get ready to be completely blown away (not literally). Dainty Rascal is the product of Suzy Cherry and her sister. Every piece is totally unique, hand cut, and constructed specifically for you. She can make clothing in any size and welcomes your design ideas.

This is a vintage 60s sweetheart secretary dress that can be custom made to your measurements. Just one of the most amazing dresses and gowns I’ve ever seen. Custom designs currently take 4-12 weeks depending on the dress, but they do have rush options available if you need it right away.

Tip: whatever you do, do not look at the Hollywood Starlet Dressing Gown-Maribou Ostrich Feather-Silk Chiffon Sheer Robe with crystal buttons. Yes, its as gorgeous as it sounds and you will need it immediately.

DaintyRascal on Etsy

Vintage 60s Sweetheart Secretary Dress

Vintage 60s Sweetheart Secretary Dress

My Name is Barbie

Your name may or may not be Barbie, and you may or may not be able to squeeze into this dress. But it does come in large and it cost less than $18.

This dress is ideal for any yard work that involves bending over. You will probably attract a lot of attention and make new friends, maybe meet some of the neighborhood boys that have nothing to do at night.

Tip: Don’t wear really high heels with this dress and try to walk on the grass, thousands of men get badly injured each summer doing just that. Nobody will be looking at your feet anyway.

My Name is Barbie Body Con Dress

My Name is Barbie Body Con Dress

My Name is Barbie Body Con Dress

Candy gets a makeover

Now I know how much you love lipstick. In your fantasy, when the girls at the salon finally apply your bright red lipstick, you just want to explode don’t you? You do, I know you do!

Don’t be embarrassed Candy girl, lipstick is a very powerful thing.

Did you know that women have been wearing lipstick for thousands of years? And lipstick has always been associated with femininity.

At one time women who didn’t wear lipstick were suspected of being mentally ill, or even of being a lesbian!

All girls love to wear lipstick honey, and you’re no different. It’s OK, really….

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An Afternoon with Miss Teresa

An Afternoon with Miss Teresa