The Sexy Mouse Costume for Men

Are you a man or a mouse? You don’t have to decide now, but consider the ever popular sexy mouse costume for men.

According to the website I found this on, you can craft your costume using accessories and pieces of clothing that you already have in your closet. This mouse kit includes an ear headband, pink bow tie, and long tail.

Now all you need is a cute crop top, T-shirt bra, frilly panties, and a tutu, which you probably already have in your closet.

You will also need a wig, makeup, and mouse shoes. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Mouse shoes, where am I going to get mouse shoes? Do they even make such a thing?”

Yes they do. Just search Mouse Shoes and you will find everything from sneakers to flats to very high heels. All you have to do is find them in your size.

Mouse Costume for Men

Sexy Mouse Costume for Men

Sexy Mouse Costume for Men

Silly Wabbit

So you want to dress like a bunny but can’t find the right outfit. Start with this black bodysuit and headband. One size supposedly fits all, but as with everything in life there are exceptions.

Bodysuit Bunny Costume

Bodysuit Bunny Costume

Bodysuit Bunny Costume

The Halloween Sissy

Its never too early to plan for Halloween. Make sure you have the right lingerie, stockings, garter belt, corset or bra, heels and dress. You’ll also need to do something with your hair, and for many of you that means a wig.

Makeup help is always available and is as close as your local beauty salon. Ideally you’ll stop in ahead of time and make an appointment, then come in that afternoon or evening fully dressed.

Make sure everything fits, practice walking in your high heels, and decide on the right jewelry and perfume. You’ll also need a cute purse or bag for lipstick, extra panties and of course condoms.

Just don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Head to toe

Head to toe

The Halloween Sissy

You’ve been planning this night all year, and you’re finally ready to go out into the world dressed as an adorable, sexy girl. Your outfit has been carefully chosen, you found someone to do your hair and makeup, your lingerie fits like a second skin, and you know exactly where you want to go and what you want to do.

I have a few quick suggestions to help you make this a memorable night.

1: Carry a medium to large purse. Not only will you need a place to stash your makeup, phone, and wallet, a full purse makes a great weapon if needed.

2: Bring extra panties, pantyhose and condoms. You may not need any of those, but just knowing they’re there will let you concentrate on having a great time.

3: Remember, you may be dressed like a slut but you’re not a prostitute, probably.

The Halloween Sissy

The Halloween Sissy

The Stray Cat Strut

When you think about a new outfit, whether its for a walk in the park, a run down to happy hour with the boys, or a strut to a Halloween party, you should always consider your accessories.

This mint rose cat ears headband is something that you probably don’t already have, and will go with pretty much anything. Now don’t get all panicky, but like any great piece its currently out of stock where I found it at Hot Topic. Search the web and you may be able to find one somewhere else.

As you strut your stuff at the park, bar or costume party, keep in mind this quote from Helen Rowland: “A man is like a cat; chase him and he will run – sit still and ignore him and he’ll come purring at your feet.”

Tip: take a good look at her lipstick, which is purrfect. If you can get your lips to look like that you’ll have more men than you could possibly want purring at your feet. (If in fact that is what you want).

Mint Rose Cat Ears Headband

Mint Rose Cat Ears Headband

Mint Rose Cat Ears Headband

The Unique Vintage Crossdresser

Yes its 90 degrees today, humid and sticky. It feels like one of the dog days of August, probably because it is. But August ends tomorrow and that means fall is just about here. It also means something very important to all you boys that like to dress up as girls. It means that Halloween is right around the block (not literally).

I suggest that you start thinking about it now, and I also suggest that you don’t get a cheap costume at one of those party stores. Consider buying something that you can wear again and again.

Now I know what you’re thinking, when people ask what your costume is, you don’t want to just say you’re a girl. OK then, how about an amazing outfit that you can wear again and again, that can also be considered a costume? Get ready for the most incredible collection of unique vintage dresses and clothing that you’ve ever seen. You can even choose a look based on your favorite era, the 1920’s through the 1980’s.

Picture yourself in this 1920s Style Beaded Mesh Flapper Dress. Gorgeous right? And not only does this dress come in sizes all the way to 2x, they have the matching slip that you’ll need.

Remember: Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder. I understand if that confuses you.

Unique Vintage Dresses & Clothing

Beaded Mesh Flapper Dress

Beaded Mesh Flapper Dress

Halloween Sissy Story Contest – Its too short!

Some of you are complaining that one page or 1200 words is not long enough for a great sissy story. So let me give you a tip to make things easier.

Skip the beginning and get right into the action. Whether you’re caught in the closet by your sister or tied up by cheerleaders, resist the desire to describe everything that led up to the situation in minute detail.

Most sissies have limited patience unless tied up, so to make your story more exciting start in the middle. Remember, every reader will have one hand on their mouse and one hand in their panties.

Let me give you a graphic example. This guy seems to be in a bit of trouble. It doesn’t matter how and why he’s in this position, what’s important is what happens next. Ya feel me?

This contest is now over.

Halloween Sissy Story Contest

Pantyhose Bondage

Pantyhose Bondage

Official Dress Up as a Girl Day

Yes its time to start thinking about that very special day once again. Official Dress Up as a Girl Day comes only once a year, and its your ticket to ride (or anything else you want to do while dressed as a girl from head to toe).

Of course I’m talking about Halloween.

You’ve probably seen pumpkins for sale already, and more importantly, advertisements for Halloween costumes.

On this special day you can do things you’ve only dreamed about, like go out in public dressed in your cutest outfit. Not only is dressing up approved by the entire world on Halloween, dressing up as completely as possible is absolutely encouraged. Now what does that mean to you, the average crossdresser you might ask?

It means panties, pantyhose, bras, slips, petticoats, dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs, FULL MAKEUP, nail polish, high heels, perfume, jewelery, and anything else you want to wear.

Do you realize that once you’re all dressed up, you can leisurely stroll though your local mall without a care in the world? Or walk right into your local beauty salon for a manicure? Or shop for lingerie, dresses and makeup anywhere you like, all while looking pretty and witty? Or have a set of professional photos taken at one of the photography studios tucked away in many department stores by a pretty girl who thinks you’re simply adorable? Well you can and you should.

This is my friend Claudia. He’s just a normal guy that likes to dress up as a girl as often as possible. Claudia doesn’t have to wait for Halloween to go out, but I think he’s one of the few that doesn’t. Most crossdressers never leave their house while dressed up. This is your chance-take it!

Tip: Halloween is on a Friday this year, so the whole week should be considered close enough to count as Halloween related.

Claudia Tyler Mae

Claudia Tyler Mae

Asking for help…

Don’t be afraid to ask for help dressing up for Halloween. Many women will actually enjoy it as long as they think its just this one time.

Its also better if you act as if you aren’t really that into it. Here are a few suggestions:

1-Once you get started you want to say something like; “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

2-Try not to drool as your friend is helping you with your makeup.

3-When she suggests nail polish you want to say; “Is that really necessary?” rather than “YES-OH GOD YES!”

4-Once you are completely dressed and in heels, stumble a bit. Same with the walk. If you get up from the makeup table and walk over to the mirror without any trouble, twirling like a model she may suspect you’ve done this before.

5-Finally, if your excitement is noticeable, and it probably will be, just say how attracted you are to someone who is so caring and helpful.

Run wild sissies-Run Free!

By the way, the one on the left is not a guy. Not anymore anyway!

Boys will be girls

Boys will be girls

Get some help

Whats the difference between you trying on some clothes and makeup, and a real woman helping you every step of the way? Simple. She knows exactly what she’s doing!

She knows all about which outfit looks best, how to properly apply makeup, and accessorizing. Chances are that with her help you can be prettier than you ever dreamed possible. All you have to do is ask.

Whats that, you’ve already asked and she flipped out? OK, but I’m talking about Halloween here. This is completely different.

Its not a fetish, or anything weird, its just a costume you need help with. (so you will say)

I know at first it may seem crazy, and you’re sure she’ll say no, but I really recommend trying to find someone to help you on this special day.

A friend at work, a new friend you discuss this with while you’re getting your next haircut, or your sister.

Have you ever considered asking your sister? I’ll bet she’d love to help you dress up as completely as you want. And maybe, just maybe, she already has an idea about your fondness for women’s clothes.

Don’t have a sister? Ask a friends sister.

What do you have to lose!

Jay's dream comes true

Jay’s dream comes true

Lets ask someone who’s done it

Billy has been going out dressed as a girl on Halloween since he was 12. I thought a word of encouragement might help the secret sissies. The shy boys. The ones that say:  If only I was brave enough.

“So Billy, whats it like for you going out every year all dressed up?”


“Thank you Billy!”

Experienced Crossdresser

Experienced Crossdresser

Halloween in Panties! Part-7

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people who are just too scared to do this. Most are worried about what other people might think or say, and that’s understandable.

I want you to picture yourself in your golden years. You’re sitting on a park bench with your only friend, Ben.

An hour goes by and you both stare into space, occasionally making strange sounds. Finally Ben speaks.

Ben: “You know, if there’s one thing I regret in life its being too scared to go over 150 mph on my BMW 1000 RR. I’d get close but I always chickened out at the last second. I guess I’m a coward. What about you?”

You: “Well, I always wanted to dress up as a girl on Halloween and go to the mall.”

Ben: “Oh. I was afraid of death and disfigurement I guess, what were you afraid of?”

You: ” I was worried about what people might think.”

Ben: “Yep.”

You: “Yep.”

Do you see my point? Lets take a look at what people might think.

Oh My God! Its Jamie! I always wondered about him.

Now that I think about it, he used to be in my closet every time I came home from school.

I guess he’s a cross dresser!

I think that’s actually my dress he’s wearing!

He does look pretty cute though.

He has better legs than I do, Dammit!

I’m so jealous.

I did his makeup! Isn’t he adorable?

I had so much fun I didn’t even charge him!

At one point I thought he was going to cry.

You should have seen his eyes light up when I took out the lipstick!

I think if this makes you happy then go for it.

He wouldn’t let me wax his eyebrows, that would have been fun.

I hope he tells his friends that I do cross dressers!

I can really use the extra money for a BMW 1000 RR.

That is so damn sexy!

I think boys that can express their feminine side are hot!

I wonder if he’s single?

He looks to be just about my size.

I’ll bet my clothes would fit him.

Oh God this could be fun!

I’m gonna give him my phone number.

I’ve always wanted a girlfriend to play with.


Why do I seem to get all the odd ones?

I think half my staff is either stoned or looking at porn all day.

Sometimes I hate being the boss.

He does look good though.

Maybe he can fill the secretary position, he can’t be any worse than the other girls.

I’ll bet he’d love that!

I probably wouldn’t even have to pay him.

Oh wait, those damn laws again.


Yeah baby, strut that stuff for me.

I’ll bet you’d like to meet my friends wouldn’t you?

That’s right honey, shake that pretty ass.

I can just picture you tied to my bed.

I have a website that you’d be perfect for!

You wanna see my strap-on?

I just wanna rip his panties off right now!

I’m gonna give him my phone number.


OMG-This is just wrong!

Doesn’t he know that this is not the Lords way?

I’m going to call my father the minister.

We will pray for you Jamie.

God can save you.

I hate to admit it but he is fucking cute!

I’m sorry God. I’m sorry Mom. I need a drink or two.




Halloween in Panties! Part-6

The Entrance.

So you’ve finally done it. You found the perfect dress, bought a wig, and had your makeup done by a friend. Plans have been made and you’re looking forward to the best Halloween you’ve ever had!

I have one more suggestion to help make this a memorable night for both you and everyone else at the square dance, parade, costume ball, or bar contest.

Its simple and easy, but I’ll bet you’ve never thought of it. Its a jacket.

A jacket you say? How can a jacket help make this night even better? Oh its not just about the jacket, its about taking it off!

There you are dressed to kill. You have on the softest, silkiest, panties and bra you could find.

Your breasts are just the right size, and make you look like a real woman.

You’ve taken the time to shave, you’re wearing silk stockings, a garter belt, and killer heels.

A friend helped you with your makeup, and you look and feel like a movie star!

Holding your pretty, little clutch, you walk in and the crowd takes a look. They can’t believe it! Is this really Johnny from shipping? Look at his hair, his makeup, his legs!

So far so good. But after all the time and effort you put in you really want to blow them away.

You smile and put down your bag. The faint smell of your perfume drifts into the room and you are now the center of attention.

Slowly, very slowly you unbuckle your jacket. Several guys offer to help you but you casually shake your head no.

There are five buttons to undo before they see the new you. As you gently open each one, more and more of your fabulous dress is revealed.

They first notice your cleavage, a gasp is heard.

Your black bra can be seen through the sheer fabric and someone drops a drink.

As you continue the crowd grows silent and all eyes are on you.

Undoing the final button you open the jacket to show off the sexiest dress they’ve ever seen.

Still smiling confidently, you take it completely off and hands reach out to help.

Another drink falls and a glass breaks. The very attractive guy in the brown sport jacket you saw when you walked in has fainted. Men are drooling without realizing it and wipe their mouth unconsciously. Women are giving you dirty looks and grinding their teeth.

Success! Now the party can begin…

Halloween in Panties!

Halloween in Panties!

Halloween in Panties! Part-5

You’ve decided that you are definitely going to dress up as a girl this Halloween, congratulations! Now the question is which dress.

There are several factors you should consider, but the most important one is to wear something you feel comfortable in. I’m not talking about physical comfort, because then you would wear sweatpants and a T-shirt. What I mean is, can you pull this look off and enjoy yourself in the outfit that you choose.

The Mirror

The Mirror

As you look into your full length mirror, ask yourself how you want to appear to your friends at the party, the boys at the bar, or the girls at the office.

Do you want to be the modern working woman in a business suit?

Maybe a party girl in a cocktail dress is more your style.

If you end up getting a costume rather than a store bought dress, do you have all the accessories?

And heels! Your heels have to be right for the outfit.

Virgin White

Virgin White

Lets start with a simple, short, white dress. This is pretty isn’t it? Are you prepared to shave completely so that your back, arms, and legs will be smooth and silky?

Are you ready to wear something this short or are you worried about it getting hard to walk later in the day?

These are things you should think about so you can concentrate on having a ball at the ball.

Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty

Here’s another very pretty white dress, but this one is a bit more classy and a little longer.

Its also tight so you may want to plan on wearing some kind of body shaper underneath, unless you’ve been working out and laying off the McDonald’s.



Now lets gets fancy! This pink beauty has thin straps, is longer, and will show off your beautiful legs.

You’re going to get a lot of attention in this, so remember to be polite when a cute guy asks for your phone number.

Let him write his down and put it in your purse, later you can decide whether to throw it out or not.

Even if you have no intention of ever calling, smile and say thank you as he hands it to you and squeezes your hand.

If you want to get rid of him make an excuse such as;  “I have to go powder my nose”, then give him a cute wave. If he becomes a pest after you are being so nice feel free to get angry.

You want to do this in stages. Don’t just scream:  “FUCK OFF SCUMBAG!” A lady does not do that. Unless you’re Snooki.



Have you thought about how you’ll fill your bra, and what size you want to be? Its easy to say that you want huge, firm, breasts, but that doesn’t always look good in a very tight dress.

Just as with makeup sometimes less is more. Hopefully you’ve been experimenting and your boobs are ready and waiting!

There are so many styles and types of dresses that you may want to try something new for you. Such as a strapless dress or gown.

If it fits right it won’t fall down, as much as you think it might. You can also try adhesive fashion tape. All girls worry about this, especially at their prom when they go strapless for the first time.

Get some advice from your dress shop or friends, and take a chance. If you’re really the worrying type bring a second dress in case it becomes too stressful.



Whatever outfit you finally decide on, there are a few more things to remember. Be subtle. This goes for hair, makeup, heels, and perfume. Especially perfume! Real women spend a lot of time getting their look just right.

There are also different looks for day and evening, but since this is Halloween some of this advice is not as important. For example, if you’re going as a hooker or just the average slut, go to town with your eye makeup and feel free to smell like a whorehouse.

Jewelery and accessories such as belts, scarves, and cute handbags are important in both cases.

You’ll just need a bigger bag for phone numbers if you do your homework and get all this right!

I don’t want to scare you or lead you to believe this is more complicated than it is. Put on your favorite lingerie. Pick an outfit and go have fun.

And remember, you can always ask me for help, but don’t expect me to come over. Halloween is my busy season!



Halloween in Panties! Part-4

So now lets get serious. This idea is going to take some time, effort, and money, but I think it will be a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

You’re going to dress up as a bride.

Almost every woman dreams of the time when she’ll finally get to wear that fantastic bridal gown. Its the essence of femininity and is reinforced by the gorgeous lingerie, stockings, heels, hairstyle, and makeup.

Did you know that they rent wedding gowns for the day? Its true. So many women spent a fortune on one and it ends up in a box in the attic.

Other places to find them is at garage sales, in the newspaper or Craigslist, or maybe a costume rental store.

They come in different styles and colors and you can get one in just your size. Remember, they realize that you’re not really a bride, as well as the fact that you’re not really a woman, but its Halloween and anything goes.

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

There are many great benefits of this outfit that you may not have thought of, yet.

The lingerie: You can wear a corset which will help hold everything in and shape your figure.

The accessories: Classy, long, silky, white gloves. A sexy garter which will be taken off and thrown to your friends. And of course the veil!

The makeup: Since you’ll probably be wearing white, you should take off the gown while you’re getting your makeup and hair done. The girls at the salon will love it!

They’ll treat you like a real bride and make you as pretty as possible for your special day. Plus there are usually bridal magazines there so you can pick up some tips while they give you a pedicure.

The hair: Now you can finally wear that special updo you’ve always loved.

Pictures: Before the big party, night at the club, or fetish event, you should stop and take pictures. I’m sure you know those special places where the bridal photographers shoot a set before a wedding. You’ll probably draw a crowd so just act natural.

One last thing. If you happen to meet that special someone and he proposes, don’t say yes right away. When you wake up in the morning with your potential partner for life, make him stand in the sunlight. Take a good look. Ask him again what he really does for a living. Does he smell good? How are his teeth?

And do you even remember any of the night before? If not, politely excuse yourself and run like hell!

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties! Part-3

My first idea is mainly for people that work in an office. A lot of places are going to have a Halloween party on the Friday before and will encourage their employees to dress up. Depending on where you work, it may be a simple “Wear a funny hat” type of day or a “Come in Costume” thing. We’re shooting for the latter.

Here’s the plan. You begin telling your friends that it sounds great and you’ll definitely come in costume. At first you say you have no idea what to wear, but of course you do don’t you?

As time goes by try to casually mention to someone, preferably a female friend on the job, that one of these days you’d like to dress as a girl, just for the hell of it.

She’ll probably laugh and think you’re joking. If she shows more of an interest just play it slow.

You say you’d like to come in dressed as one of the secretaries. You really appreciate how great they look every single day, and it must be hard for them. (it is)

Unless she offers to lend you one of her outfits and help with your makeup, you let the whole thing go for a while.

Tell a few more people and gauge their reaction. They have no idea that when you do get dressed up its going to be a complete transformation!

You’ll shave your legs, wear the prettiest lingerie, a fantastic dress, a cute wig, heels, makeup, jewelery and perfume. You’re going to blow them all away and love every second of it!

If you plan to come in that morning and spend the entire day dressed like this, bring a purse and a bag with the essentials. Extra panties and stockings, makeup, and maybe even a second outfit if its going to go on into the night. With a little luck the girls might even take you to a local bar for a drink. Won’t that be great!

You’re gonna be just another one of the girls and I’m sure you’ll get a raise one way or another!

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties! Part-1

OK, I’m gonna start with something simple to give you ideas for the upcoming holiday. I know you want to dress up this Halloween and I’d like to encourage you to do this and have a ball!

Whether its your first time or just another day in a dress, I have some fun suggestions.

How about this: You’ve been dying to go shopping for lingerie, dresses, blouses, and skirts right? So since its Halloween, the one time of the year when its totally cool to dress as a girl in public, you combine the two hobbies.

You start with a pair of jeans and a sport shirt. Simple right? But underneath you have on the prettiest panties, and stockings or pantyhose.

A bra in whatever size you feel up to that day, filled with either breast forms or a suitable substitute. And heels or boots that you’ve finally found in your size.

Now, you can put on a light jacket to cover up your breasts, and a pair on sneakers to drive to the mall. You wave to your neighbor Big Bob and ask him about the football game. He doesn’t have a clue!

You find an empty parking spot somewhere in the far end of the lot and the fun begins. Put something nice on the radio, maybe I Feel Pretty.

Now, you break out your makeup kit and go to work. You really don’t have to get crazy and try to look perfect, its not like your applying for a job at Victoria’s Secret.

Just something to smooth out your face like Cover Girl liquid foundation, some eye makeup, a bit of blush, and of course lipstick.

Put on that sexy new wig you’ve been saving and you’re good to go!

Change into your heels, take off the jacket, and strut into the mall like you do it every day.

I know, you’re making excuses already.

Practicing your makeup at home will make you feel more confident and give you the skill you need for the 5 minute fix in the car.

Try on the outfit, walk around and get comfortable in that too while you’re at it.

Remember, this holiday is not a one day only affair. Events go on for a week or so before and after Halloween. People dress up at office parties on a Friday whether its the 31st or not, and the bars and clubs are hopping.  (Its on a Sunday this year which makes it perfect to play all weekend!)

This is just something I think you might enjoy, I’ll be posting costume ideas for those who want to really do Halloween right this time. In panties of course!

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

This Halloween for sure,right?

This post is not for you brave souls that get all dressed up and go to bars, clubs, parties, and maybe grocery shopping. This is for the secret sissies. The shy boys. The ones that say: “If only I was brave enough.”

I want you to start thinking about Halloween. Yes, its not for a while, but this is your chance!

On this day only you are given permission by the entire world to dress any way you like. And how is it you like to dress? As a beautiful woman!

So many people I’ve spoken to plan on doing it every year and for one reason or another don’t go through with it.

“But Miss Teresa, my Wife!”

I know honey, I know. But its just this one time right? This is something you want to try just this once (so the story can go). And since its a one time thing you want to do it right.

“What does that mean to me, the shy, secretive sissy Miss Teresa?”

I’m glad you asked. It means that you’re not just going to put on an old dress and a costume store wig, you are going to dress up completely from head to toe.

“OOOOOO-I like that”


This means shaving. Yes, shaving your face, but while you’re at it you might as well shave your legs. Its fall and no one will see your legs for a long time. And then you might as well shave your chest. And your back, and your arms.

“Shave my arms? Is that really necessary?”

If you want to do this you might as well go all the way. Plus it will help you feel more feminine.

OK, so now you need an outfit. Panties of course. Stockings with or without a garter belt. A bra or corset. A fabulous dress. And high heels.

Another fun part of this wonderful holiday is that you can walk right into any beauty salon and have them do your makeup without being embarrassed. What you want to do is walk in one day a week or so beforehand and tell them that you’re going to dress as a girl this year. You don’t know anything about makeup and its going to be a surprise to your wife/girlfriend/other.

They giggle and tell you how cute that is! You’re standing there in jeans and a sports shirt so they’re having a hard time even believing you, much less expecting you to show up dressed to kill! They say “Sure, we can help you. When would you like to come in?”

BINGO! You’re in! You have a complete outfit picked out, you’ve shaved, and you have an appointment at the beauty salon for a makeover! And the best part? No one will think its strange.

They might be surprised when you strut in that afternoon in your cocktail dress and heels, but its Halloween! Its OK!

“What about my hair Miss Teresa? I don’t have enough hair to style?”

If that’s the case then you simply bring your wig in a shopping bag. They’ll help make sure it fits right and looks great on you.

Now since you’ve gone this far, and are loving every second of it, you might as well get a manicure. And if you were smart enough to get open toe shoes then a pedicure is a must as well.

“But I live alone, and I don’t plan to go out on Halloween.”

You don’t have to. Enjoy the experience of being a gorgeous woman, take some pictures, and go home. You might surprise yourself and decide to stop at just one bar or club. Just because you can.

One last suggestion. Bring along an extra pair of shoes for driving. Driving in heels is an acquired skill, and you don’t want to ruin a perfect night out.

Happy Halloween!