Base Layers

We went to the park this morning for a brisk walk, reveling in the beauty of January and breathing in the cool morning air. After about five minutes my friend announced that he’s freezing and is going back to the car.

The beauty of January

The beauty of January

Sure, it was 20 degrees, but I was dressed for the weather wearing several layers of tight, thin clothing commonly known as base layers. Most guys do not wear the right base layers to stay warm and comfortable.

A base layer should be tight fitting so it traps air next to the skin and insulates the body from the cold as demonstrated by this man. Don’t forget a warm, comfortable pair of gloves. Wig, lipstick and adorable necklace are optional but highly recommended.

Base Layers

Base Layers

So You Want to Buy a Sex Doll

At the Doll Workshop you can catch up on doll news, read frequently asked questions, look at doll photo galleries and even watch doll videos. There is also a doll maintenance and care guide which I’m sure you’ll need sooner or later.

You should realize that these dolls do not have to be used only for sex. When you go out you can dress her up in yoga pants and a cute top like Leslie here and put her in front of your window to make burglars think someone is home.

Note: many burglars will still consider breaking in anyway so go easy on her makeup. Maybe dress her in something a little less attractive like an old housecoat and slippers.

The Doll Workshop

Home Alone

Home Alone

The King

I was looking forward to the Flea market/craft show that was scheduled to be held today on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge. Due to rain it was postponed until Saturday October 15th.

With nothing to do and all day to do it, we took a ride to Lake Clarke. Lots of sailboats, kayaks and canoes out despite the weather. On the way home I noticed an interesting statue overlooking the water.

“Go back I wanna take a picture.”

“It’s just a statue Teresa. And besides, it’s private property.

“Just a statue? It’s a statue of a half naked man holding a spear (trident). And that man is a Greek God!”

Yes, yes, it’s King Neptune, but the light is bad and it’s raining. You’re really a bit obsessed with photography aren’t you?

“It’s my hobby and it gives me pleasure. Have I ever asked you why you like to dress up as a girl and prance around the house?”

“Well yes, yes you have. And I don’t prance, it’s more like……ok, I prance. Hey, after this do you want to run across the bridge naked?”

“Definitely not.”

Ten minutes and 20 pictures later we left and headed home. He was right of course, the light wasn’t good and it was just a statue. But one day down the road, when my doctor sits me down and tells me I only have 10 years left to live, I’ll probably look back on my life and wish I did more.

I’ll probably wish I took off my clothes and ran across that bridge with a good friend, not worrying about the rain or getting arrested. Its only life after all.

The King

The King


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Buddha

Photo shot in a local park. Sony RX100. ISO 125. Aperture priority f/4. 1/800 sec. Daylight white balance.

March 11, 2016, 2:59 pm. Tripod(s) sitting on a table at home. Motorcycle waiting patiently nearby.

Click here to see larger

Spring 2016

Spring 2016

The Parents Guide to Buying Bras

Ah, if only your Mother had this guide when you were just a little girl. But even though you’re all gown up you’re probably still wearing the wrong bra. Did you know that an estimated 85% of men wear a bra that doesn’t fit properly?

Here are important answers to important questions such as:

  • When should my daughter first be fitted?
  • Why does she need a bra?
  • What should I be looking for when choosing a first bra for my daughter?
  • What’s the difference between a padded and a moulded foam bra?
  • What type of bra should my daughter wear during PE?
  • What if my daughter is feeling shy about having a bra fitting?

Plus four great examples of the right bra for the right reason. Be sure to check out Mish Online for great bras, lingerie, swimwear, and a very easy to understand bra fitting guide.

Parents Guide to Buying Bras

Choices, choices, choices

Choices, choices, choices

The Best Sissy Training Device 2015

Voted first place by The National Sissy Association, this sissy training device will give you the confidence you need to perform like a pro when the occasion arises (and I mean that literally).

Enough said, see for yourself:

See The Sissy Training Device Here

The Sissy Training Device 2015

See The Sissy Training Device Here

Teaching the Sissy to Focus

Teaching a sissy is not all about curtseys and spankings you know? Sometimes they want to learn new things, and I’m happy to teach them if they behave themselves.

Today I took my friend to the park for a lesson. He’s very good at learning and paying attention, but sometimes he has trouble focusing. So to make it easy we went and shot flowers with my camera.

Not only did he learn about aperture, but also how to work on a RAW file in Lightroom and Photoshop. He had virtually no experience with either but was very motivated. I promised him that if he took at least one decent photo I’d take him to the mall for a new dress.

These are two out of about 60 shots of all different kinds of young flowers. I don’t know the name of this one but I thought it was the prettiest. The first was shot in Aperture Priority at 1.8. Click on the thumbnails to see the whole thing.

Click To See Larger Image

Click To See Larger Image

This next one was shot in Aperture Priority at 2.8. A bit more detail but still with that dreamy effect you get shooting almost wide open.

Click To See Larger Image

Click To See Larger Image

I think these are fantastic photos for someone that drank a huge cup of coffee and did not use a tripod, but he had a brilliant teacher and more important, patience. The light was not great although soft light usually works well with flowers.

Later this afternoon we’ll go in search of the perfect flower print dress for him, maybe a maxi dress which are on sale everywhere now. Something like this wrapped front floral print maxi dress, which is not only sold out but its $90. Plus we need more cowbell, I mean purple.

Wrapped Front Floral Print Maxi Dress

Wrapped Front Floral Print Maxi Dress

Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men That Wear Lingerie

You’ve probably seen articles about helping men buy lingerie, and some might be useful to you. The only thing about these tips is that they assume you’re buying the lingerie for someone else, and this can lead to problems, especially when you get flustered in a crowded store.

Lets look at some advice from experts and see how it applies to you.

From Luisa Loveday Founder Loveday London: “My best advice would be to spend time finding out about your partner and her style: girly, bondage, soft, hard, light, bright or dark, and then be sure to match her taste as best as you can.”

The fact that your partner likes the exact same style as you and wears the same size may be hard to explain.

From Fleur Turner CEO and founder Fleur of England: “Is she romantic? Does she like silk? Does she like lace? What colors does she wear?”

So far this advice sounds great, but can you remain cool calm and collected as you talk about silk and lace while holding a pretty babydoll nightie?

From Lucy Litwack Managing director Coco de Mer: “It is important the male customer feels at ease in the store.”

AHA! This is the key. You need to be brave, have confidence that you can comfortably browse all the pretty things, and buy whatever you like in your size. This is intimidating for most of you and many never make it into the store. Of course you can order online but you’ll miss a unique experience, not to mention how great it feels to conquer your fears.

I have an 11 minute recording that I made specifically for crossdressers that want to walk into any lingerie store as easily as walking into a McDonalds. Its called Lingerie Shopping Made Easy and its now free.

Put it on your iPod and listen on the way to the mall. It will be like I’m sitting right there giving you a pep talk.

Remember, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. That, and maybe having to fight a large woman over the last pair of adorable boy shorts that are on sale.

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Prescription Panties

It seems that a lot of you guys feel confused, anxious, and sometimes depressed about your crossdressing desires. You have a ball dressing up, and then get all stressed out later on. Have you ever wondered why?

Of course when you were younger there were definite reasons to be confused and anxious. What if your friends find out? Why are you so obsessed with wearing women’s clothes? Is this wrong? But now that you’re all grown up you know some of these answers, at least I hope you do.

You know that this is not wrong, and really not that unusual at all. As to worrying about your friends and partner finding out, that’s something you have to work out on your own.

I think that wearing panties is not the problem. Its NOT wearing them. How do you expect to feel when you dress up in secret, locking all the doors and pulling down the blinds like a criminal? Then, to make things even more complicated, you hide them somewhere and then worry about them being found.

I suggest you consider Prescription Panties. Its not the panties as much as the prescription, which is: P.R.N-wear as needed.

Now, when is wearing panties needed?

When you feel anxious and depressed for one. Did you know that a hangover is not caused by the alcohol in your body but by the absence of alcohol? Same thing here (kinda/sorta). If you take away things that make you feel good you’ll have withdrawals.

Having a rough day at work? Duck into the bathroom and put on those panties. Not only will you feel great, but you’ll forget about the trivial thing that is making your day so rough.

Anxious about the Mother in law coming over for the weekend? Wear your favorite panties and pantyhose under your jeans. Smile, and tell her how good she looks when she tells you again about all the other guys your wife could have married.

Feeling lonely and depressed because you’re all alone on a Friday night? Dress to thrill. Break out everything and practice walking in heels. Pretend you’re a model, work on that catwalk strut.

Remember though, this is a prescription and should be followed carefully, although as needed varies tremendously.

Science is a wonderful thing, and the best part is that it can be interpreted any way you want. Now get dressed!

Prescription Panties

Prescription Panties

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

I was going through the friends page on my website to check for broken links, and many of the sites listed are gone. So I’ve updated everything and I think you’ll find some unique places to visit.

For example, do you know how to make boobs? The link is right there under Blogs, Guides and Stories.

Among a wealth of information including photo galleries, transformation salons, crossdressing captions and Shibari Art Photography, are must know lingerie resources.

Do you know where to find garter belt panties? Well look carefully and you soon will.

If you do find a link that no longer works please let me know. If you have a related website or blog you would like listed contact me.

Strapped In Silk Friends Page

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Candy gets a makeover

Now I know how much you love lipstick. In your fantasy, when the girls at the salon finally apply your bright red lipstick, you just want to explode don’t you? You do, I know you do!

Don’t be embarrassed Candy girl, lipstick is a very powerful thing.

Did you know that women have been wearing lipstick for thousands of years? And lipstick has always been associated with femininity.

At one time women who didn’t wear lipstick were suspected of being mentally ill, or even of being a lesbian!

All girls love to wear lipstick honey, and you’re no different. It’s OK, really….

NOTE: This 48 minute MP3 is free to any of my friends on Google+. Read the story, listen to the preview, and contact me through my website if you would like a copy. Include a link to your Google+ profile page.


An Afternoon with Miss Teresa

An Afternoon with Miss Teresa

Sissy Training For Dummies

One day you’ll be reading your local newspaper and there it is, the ad you’ve been waiting for your whole life.


Now what?

In just 12 simple steps you can learn to be the perfect sissy maid.

You will be punished regardless, but you’ll love every single second of it.

Sissy Training For Dummies

Sissy Training For Dummies

Bedtime Feminization II

I want you to Say this mantra with me, and when you hear the word girl, remember that you are a petite skinny submissive.

I am a woman.

A beautiful woman.

My male ego is gone. Totally and completely gone.

All my problems and cares have left with my male ego.

My only thought or care is how I become more feminine.

I have let it go.

It is OK to be feminine.

It is OK if people think I am a girl.

I am girlish because I am a girl.

I want people to know that I am a girl.

I am totally and completely a girl.

Because I am a girl, I can act like a girl.

It is so absolutely wonderful to be a girl.

I am not doing anything wrong.

Being feminine makes me happy.

MY Breasts and nipples are a vital part of my sexuality.

It is OK to dress like a girl, because I am a girl.

You will memorize this mantra and repeat to yourself daily.

I want you to dream about this mantra.

I want you to believe with all your heart and all your soul, every single word.

I want you to live it.

Listen Here

Bedtime Feminization II at

Bedtime Feminization II at

Practice Panties MP3 is now available

This MP3 is a full 20 minutes and hopefully you can last until the very end.

Tip: learn how to wash your practice panties, because you’ll be doing that every single day from now on.

Yeah boy!

Practice Panties MP3 at

Practice Panties MP3 at

The history of the teddy

A teddy, also called a camiknicker, is a garment which covers a female’s torso and crotch in the one garment. Its a similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit, but is typically looser and more sheer. The garment is put on by stepping into the leg holes and pulling the garment up to cover the torso. As an undergarment, it combines the functions of a camisole and panties, and may be preferred to avoid a visible panty line.

A one-piece women’s undergarment which combined a camisole and knickers appeared in the 1910s under the name chemise or camiknickers. It was considered an appropriate garment to wear under the shorter dresses which came into fashion in the 1920s.

The style gained popularity during the World War II when women who served in military-related duties wore trousers instead of skirts. By the late 1940s the garment lost its popularity, but it re-appeared as a lingerie garment in the 1990s, under the name teddy or bodysuit.

How does this affect me, the ordinary crossdresser you may ask?

I suggest you put one on and look in the mirror. Ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?

Well do ya, Punk?

How to find women to feminize you

I’ll bet you’ve asked yourself this question, many times. As usual I have some suggestions.

If you have a job chances are you work with all different kinds of women. Single women, married women, lonely women, and sexy women. This is the perfect place to look.

The women you work with are probably hard working, friendly people. Just what you need.

The first thing to do is become friends with them. When they think about you or talk about you over coffee you want them to say: “He’s really a very sweet guy.”

How do you achieve that you ask? Slowly. Your goal is to be friendly and attentive without being creepy.

Step 1: Compliments. The idea here is to be casual, and not needy or falling all over these poor girls. Mention things about their appearance. Most women spend hours buying clothes and doing their hair and makeup, and will genuinely appreciate the right kind of compliment.

You might say: “Is that a new hairstyle, it looks great on you.” Even if its not you’re off to a good start. If she says no, you now have the opportunity to say something like: “Oh, well you look great today as usual.” Then smile and walk away.

Compliments about their lipstick or heels might freak them out so stick to their appearance, perfume, or even their smile. Remember, don’t push it. Say something nice and go back to work. Its very important that you do this right.

You should also offer to pick things up for them while you’re out on your lunch break. Simply mention that you’re on your way out and ask if anyone would like anything from the store.

Step 2: The Plan. This will take some nerve and talent but don’t let that stop you. Go over it in your mind until you have the whole thing down cold.

Not only are you a very sweet guy, but you’ve decided to go back to college at night to improve yourself. One of the courses is in Abnormal Psychology and you can really use the help of some female friends.

You’ve been assigned a study of fetishes, cross dressing in particular, and have to complete a long paper by the end of the term. Having an extended deadline is great because you’ll need to take this slow once again.

You can begin by mentioning it as casually as possible, then leave it alone unless asked, and even then its good to let the topic get around for a while.

At some point you should approach the woman you feel the most comfortable with and ask for help. Don’t worry, by the end of the day every women in your office, factory, or sardine canning plant will know all about this.

You want to know how women feel about cross dressing (its for the paper). Do they think its strange? Do they think it might be fun? Ask them how they think a person could develop such a deep desire to wear women’s clothes.

You want to just ask a quick question here and there and gauge the reaction. A little at a time, just like the way you want to be feminized. Unless the ladies have a lot of free time during the day, which is very possible, don’t push too hard. After all, this is just one of the many things you’re working on including your job.

Later on, you bring up forced feminization.

“Forced Feminization, gosh whats that?” they ask so innocently you want to break down and kiss their stockinged feet. DON’T. It will just mess up all the hard work you’ve put into this.

You can say something like: “I was doing some research online and apparently some men have a fantasy about being forced to dress like a girl. Silly isn’t it?”

Now, if you’ve played your cards right you should have at least one woman interested, if only out of sheer curiosity. If you feel confident, think about pointing her to a reference book or website.

This whole thing may seem very complicated and extreme to you. Just as blackmailing you into becoming a complete sissy maid may seem to them.


If everything goes right you may just get lucky. One day you and a beautiful secretary are discussing the merits of silk scarves over rope for bondage, and the next you’re in her living room wearing her blouse!

À cheval donné on ne regarde pas les dents!

Dog day afternoon

I was riding around yesterday enjoying a beautiful, fall afternoon. I stopped to take pictures of several really cool roads and trails I was on, as well as some horses.

Towards the end of my ride I pulled into a driveway and parked my bike in front of a pond filled with geese (or ducks).

I took 1 picture and all of a sudden 3 dogs came charging out barking like crazy! What could I do? The bike was parked in the wrong direction to hop on and leave so I figured I’d act tough and talk doggie talk.

“Hi boys, I’m just taking a picture. Good boy, good boy.”

Their tails were wagging but they were barking and getting very close. The mean looking one actually sniffed my butt, then decided I was OK I guess cause they happily went back to wherever they came from.

I decided I had enough fun for the morning and headed back.

It was getting very windy and a bit hard to stay on the road. After leaving a stoplight the bike started weaving and I pulled over. My first flat.

No big deal, I had Progressive Trip Interruption and was not far from my usual shop. It all went very smooth and soon a large flatbed truck was there.

“OK Ma’am, just push it onto the bed and I’ll raise it up” said the guy like it was nothing.

“You’re kidding?” I said realizing I would rather do it then take a chance on him dropping it.

I got it on pretty easily and held it while he strapped it down (no silk). Then I drove with him to the shop planning to take a cab home.

My mechanic was there waiting for me and soon found a small screw in the back tire. He said it could be easily patched but not today. But the good news was that he was leaving early and would take me home.


Now I’m waiting until after lunch to pick it up and I ordered a new tire to be put on in a couple of weeks. All in all this little disaster was a very good learning experience and not very expensive at all.

Note to self: next time bring Milkbones.

First Flat

First Flat

Me and my DR 650

So I’ve put on about 5000 miles since March, and have learned a few more things.

1-Helmets mess up your hair. Yes, its true.  But I have a choice between helmet hair and a possible loss of my head completely so I’m wearing my helmet at all times.

2-Its very, very, cool to pull up at a coffee shop, bookstore, or supermarket in biker gear. I slowly get off my bike, take off my shades and helmet and shake my hair out. Then, putting the shades back on I strut into the place like a badass!

3-You meet the nicest people on a Honda (Suzuki in this case). Between all the bikers that wave to me on the road and the ones I talk to in person they are all normal, cheerful, friendly people that share this sport. The only strange people that I’ve met are in cars or lurking at the gas station looking for change or semi used gum.

4-Its very hot riding in a motorcycle jacket, boots, and gloves. True again as you’d expect. I did buy a cooling vest that I soak with cold water and wear over a T-shirt.  It really helps when the air passes through the mesh jacket and no, my nipples no longer get hard. If its too hot to ride in my gear I’ll use the car or go swimming.

5-Riding at night is dangerous. To be honest I don’t ride at night so I can’t give you proof, but between animals, potholes, and crap in the road that I’d never see until the last second I quit by sunset of a little after.

6-Biker Gangs are everywhere and will find you and kill you, then rape you. OK,  it sounds stupid but in the beginning I was worried when I saw groups of bikers on Harleys. I’d picture scenes from biker movies where they get the girl alone and then have their way with her. So far it hasn’t been a problem but I do have a backup plan if I get in trouble. I wish I could remember it…

7-Motorcycles are dangerous. DUH! You are totally unprotected and on 2 wheels instead of 4.  A panic stop, a car cutting you off, a patch of oil on the road, or a hundred other dangers that are not a big deal for a car, can easily be fatal to me.

Why do I ride a motorcycle? Because I can. Any questions?

Dressing for pleasure-Putting it all together

Today we’re going to try a new kind of hypnosis, a kind where you are in a waking trance as I instruct you on how to prepare yourself for an evening of feminine fabrics and textures, beauty and sensual ecstasy. Listen carefully as I walk you through all the steps needed to look, feel and orgasm like a beautiful, sexy woman.

Dressing For Pleasure-Feminization Hypnosis Audio

Dressing For Pleasure-Feminization Hypnosis Audio