Lingerie Word Association

I’m going to give you a list of 39 words, and I’d like you to think about what they have in common. Here we go;

Love Heart, Dream On, I’m Yours, Wild Thing, Sweet Heart, Hold Me, Snow Drop, Poison Ivy, Bella Donna, Azalea, Narcissus, Absinthe, Bisou Bisou Mercury, Deadly Nightshade, Angel’s Trumpet, Opium, Lilium, Delphinium, Foxglove, Larkspur, Sweet Pea, Oleander, Wisteria, and Rubinette.

If you said the Mimi Holliday Collection of fun, charming, sexy and sweet lingerie you would be right. This is not specifically holiday lingerie, although now is a great time to treat yourself to some new things. But wait, there’s more.

Also included is the Damaris Collection. Damaris lingerie is famous for being the most luxurious lingerie on the planet. The stunning actress Amber Anderson is the face of the collection, bringing a cheeky edge and goddess-like beauty to the ethereal range.

So far so good right? This is the description of one of my favorite pieces-The Archimedes Bow Lace Bralette. I hope you’re sitting down.

The Archimedes Bralette is designed to be cherished. Somehow, the black, sheer silk tulle, so carefully decorated with French lace, has a beguiling sense of innocence about it. Perhaps it is the sweet bow motif, or the gently delicate mother-of-pearl buttons that close the back. Perhaps it is the impossibly dainty silk straps that rest imperceptibly on shoulders. Somehow, this unmistakably seductive bralette is, simultaneously, pure poetry.

Sheer silk tulle, a beguiling sense of innocence, impossibly dainty silk straps, simultaneously, pure poetry? The only thing left to do is to order one (or more) for yourself. By the way, the Archimedes V Knicker is described as utterly mind-blowing. Eureka!

Mimi Holliday Lingerie

The Archimedes Bralette

The Archimedes Bralette

Lingerie Marjolaine

It happens every single day everywhere in the world, except France. You’re relaxing outside after a hard day at the office, and suddenly it hits you like a slap in the face: you don’t have enough fine French lingerie. Some of you might not have any fine French lingerie. Now what?

You have two choices. Go directly to France, which might be expensive, or go directly to the Lingerie Marjolaine website to view the Spring-Summer 2015 collection.

Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu!

Lingerie Marjolaine Spring-Summer 2015

Lingerie Marjolaine Spring-Summer 2015

Lingerie Marjolaine Spring-Summer 2015

Lingerie Shopping Tips (for your friend)

So its a beautiful Sunday in late January, and you’re wondering what to do. How about Lingerie Shopping! I know, you may be scared, and you may even be a sissy, but sometimes you have to be brave. I have a few tips to make this as simple and well planned as possible. You are not only going shopping, but you’re going to Victoria’s Secret! Yes, its the big time, and you’ll be happy with the quality as well as knowing that you did it.

Tip 1: Don’t smell like beer or cigarettes! If you’ve been nervously chain smoking in your car with the windows closed, you’re going to smell terrible, and the girls won’t want to go near you. Wear something appropriate (I’m thinking jeans and a clean shirt) and chew gum of a breath mint.

Tip 2: Have a story ready! You’ll walk in as casually as possible and probably begin to drool. Wipe it off and calm down. You’re not robbing a store you are simply buying clothes. Now, walk in and look around. If you notice that you are visibly excited try to ignore it and continue. An attractive  salesgirl will come up to you and ask if she can help.

Tip 3: DON’T PANIC! You have this all planned out so there’s nothing to worry about. You are looking for a gift for your friend, simple as that. That means that the sky’s the limit now as to what you will buy, and how much you’ll spend. You’ll have to make some of the details up as you go along.

Tip 4: Have a name ready for your imaginary friend. Use my name if you want, this way you know the last name too. The secret to successful lying to to be prepared. So now you have a name.

“Yes, I’d like to buy my friend Teresa something nice. I’m just not sure what to get her.”

Tip 5: You need to have her size in mind because you will be asked. Rather than say she’s exactly the same size as you, be a little creative. Pick a height within a couple of inches of your own. As for her weight, you have no idea but you’d have to guess about (within 10 or 20 pounds of your own).

There you are! You’re in the worlds most famous lingerie store, there are several very hot girls (they’re always hot!) ready and willing to help you, and you have money to spend. Enjoy yourself. You’ve been very brave and you deserve a treat.

The easiest thing to start with is probably a teddy or babydoll nightie. There is a large selection and you will have some flexibility with the size. And of course you’ll need to buy her matching panties! Some will come with a panty or thong, but now you have an excuse to hit the panty section. The thing is, your friend needs to be more bold with her lingerie, and you are going to be nice enough to buy her only the silkiest, sexiest things they have.

Final Tip: If you choke at the doorway or when approached by one of the girls, just say you have a phone call and excuse yourself. You can always come back later or another day.

These are just a few tips for the average lingerie lover out there.The more you do things that scare you the better you’ll feel about yourself.

Go For It girls! If not now, when?

Lingerie Shopping Tips (for your friend)

Lingerie Shopping Tips (for your friend)