The Bet: A Forced Feminization Story

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Forced Feminization Stories at

There…see how the clear polish gives a nice glossy finish?

That looks so pretty…and see, now your fingers match your pretty toes! Isn’t this fun? Not what you expected when you came over here is it?

But you lost the game and you’re going to be a good boy and do whatever I say, right? Actually, seeing you in your new bra and panties maybe I should call you a girl now? Now hold still, it’s time for your makeup.

You are being such a good sport about this; I really do think you will make an excellent girl.

Close your eyes, that’s good, this blue eye shadow will look so nice on you. You don’t get beat at pool very often do you? You were sooo confidant that you would win and I would be the one doing whatever you said for the whole weekend.

Now hold still while I put on your mascara…there…see how pretty your eyes are now? The eyeliner really gives them a nice shape…and that little wax job we did on your eyebrows makes all the difference.

Now smile while I put on some blush.


You do have lovely cheekbones; open your jaw wide…hee hee…there now. You are really looking pretty! Let me see you pout…hmm, ok, I’m going to put on some lip liner, I think a dark pink will look nice, with a light pink lipstick. Oh, that is wonderful! Now smile for the camera!

What camera? Oh, didn’t I tell you? I have three different camcorders turned on right now…see the one over there on the bookshelf? And the one under that scarf above the vanity mirror? They’ve been recording our whole time together!

Why would I tape this? You silly girl…so I could make sure you kept your word of course! You wouldn’t want all your friends to see what you are wearing right now would you? How about the guys back at the bar?

Well, you just keep on being a good girl and you won’t have a thing to worry about.

Ok, your makeup is all set, now here put on this garter belt…good; see how it matches your panties and bra? And this is how we roll up the stockings and slide them up your leg.

See how nice they look on your smooth legs? You looked so funny when we put the Nair all over you earlier! But it was worth it, see how smooth and pretty your skin is now? Excellent, that’s right; we hook the garters to the stockings like this. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Now, this is important, look right at that camera and say ‘I love being a sissy girlie girl’.

Oh, wonderful, maybe I’ll post that somewhere on the internet!

Now, while it is a shame to cover up such lovely lingerie I really want to see you in the dress I have for you. It’s blue so it will match your eye shadow. Here, step in and we’ll pull it up and I’ll zip you up.

Oh, wait…here let me put these silicone breast forms in your bra…there. Oh that looks beautiful! You have a lovely figure sissy girl!

Oh, this will be so much fun once things get going. Oh, didn’t I mention? We have guests coming over! You didn’t think a pretty girl who just happens to be able to kick your butt at pool would just happen to show up at your favorite bar and offer to do anything you wanted for a weekend if you could beat her at pool did you?

You remember those five guys in the booth near the table? Yes, the gay guys, you silly. Well, you see, they thought you looked pretty hot in those jeans and your Harley t-shirt. And they thought you would look even better in this little crepe dress. And I have to agree…you look absolutely yummy!

Oh, wait…we need to put on your wig! Here, blondes do have more fun you know! Feel those curls bouncing off your shoulders? Now sit down while I put on your heels.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, those adorable guys at the bar. They found me a couple of years ago at a pool tournament. Yes, that’s right, I’m kind of a ringer..hee hee. They had me feminize a boy for them back then and we all had so much fun that we do it a couple of times a year now. Now hold still while I put some perfume on you.

Ok now sweetie, unless you want the video we’re making to be seen by everyone you know you had best be a good girl.

Let me see you curtsey…careful now with those heels on…oh, so cute! When the boys get here you need to greet them with that same curtsey. And remember, you have to do whatever I say, and I say that you have to do whatever they say.

Oh, this is going to be such a fun weekend!

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