He’s a Backdoor Man

Have you read any good books lately? Something stimulating that actually made you feel special? Those books can be very hard to find, much like your G-spot.

What exactly is a G-spot you may ask? A guy’s G-Spot, also known as the P-Spot, is his prostate gland. That’s the gland responsible for producing the majority of his seminal fluid, and it’s also one of his most sensitive erogenous zones.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Maybe you need a book.


Book Smart: The Other Door

Book Smart: The Other Door

OK great, so now you have a book, butt wait….there’s more. Inside this very special book is everything you need to put your new knowledge to practical use.

This is not your average book though, it comes with training beads, a soft and pliable butt-plug (not too big and not too small), a set of anal beads, and even a packet of water-based lube.

The Other Door anal starter kit

The Other Door anal starter kit

Butt wait….there’s more. This is impressive; the book is actually the stash! It looks like a normal book, but it has a magnetic clasp and holds everything neatly and out of sight until you’re ready to learn and explore.

Ain't technology wonderful?

Ain’t technology wonderful?

Now I’d like to leave you with a final thought. Lets say you’re holding your new book and a friend comes up and asks what you’re reading. DON’T PANIC!

You don’t have to give a detailed explanation like: “Oh its a book about fucking myself and it has a dildo and lube inside.” Of course you can say that if you want to, but then shes going to want to see you in action.

Its just a book-you’re just reading a book. It may be the best book you’ve ever read, it may open up doors that you’ve been afraid to open, and it may give you hours and hours of pleasure, but feel free to keep it to yourself.

You can say something like: “Oh its a novel about doors, a very boring architectural history thing actually.”

Or you can be somewhat less creative and say something like: “NOTHING! ITS NOTHING! ITS NOT EVEN A BOOK, I MEAN, IT IS A BOOK. ITS A TERRIBLE BOOK. LEAVE ME ALONE!”

If that sounds like something you might say you need to learn to relax. Relaxation is a very big part of this.

Remember boys-Learning is FUNdamental.

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Take a shower!

You’re never going to get out of the shower now.

The Sex in the Shower 6” Rubber Dildo and Suction Cup just made bath time much more enticing. This royal blue dildo is erect with enough flexibility for comfort.

It has a flared base and comes with a double sided suction cup that will adhere to any smooth surface in or out of the water.

Stick it to the bottom of your bathtub and slide yourself down onto it. Try sticking it on the wall of your shower and then back up.


Perfect for both vaginal and anal entry. This dildo can be used with a harness as well. The Sex in the Shower Double Grip Handle will come in handy with this toy, keeping your balance steady.

TIP: Go play in the mud.

Shower Sex 6″ Dildo and Suction Cup $19.95

Learning To Fly

Success!I just completed a Basic Rider Course given by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation this weekend. It isn’t  mandatory but not only is it a great way to learn and practice on someone else’s motorcycle but you also get your license once you pass a fairly easy test at the end.

A couple of nights were spent watching videos and discussing safety, then a written test was given based on sample questions that we studied at home. (I got 100%).

Saturday and Sunday we got to choose a motorcycle that we felt comfortable on, and starting with the very basics rode around a huge parking lot for about 4 1/2 hours each day. I had some experience on a friends bike but there were several people that had never ridden before, including one woman who never even drove a stick shift. The only thing that made it hard was that it was really hot, especially with a full face helmet, long sleeves, boots, and gloves. I felt like Kenny from South Park when I tried to ask a question, so I ended up just following the people in front of me that seemed to be doing it right.

Sunday afternoon it had rained in the morning and by my 1:30 class it was dry. We all knew it was only a matter of time until another thunderstorm, but it held off almost all day. Around 4:30 it was getting very dark, and the instructors sort of rushed the rest of the training. We were briefed for the test which involved quick stops, cornering, swerving, and a figure 8. They kept saying that if you fall you fail, which was not very comforting to any of us but no one did, and by the time we finished it was just starting to rain.

Everyone passed, and as we stood under an awning and watched it pour they handed out our license and congratulated us. It was a fantastic feeling of accomplishment and except for being exhausted like everyone else I felt great!

I highly recommend this to anyone considering getting a motorcycle. The bikes are small enough to handle safely and you get to learn from professionals. One girl in the morning class decided this was not for her and she went home. Better that then buying one and then realizing it. Now all I have to do is make sure my helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves all match. For some reason that wasn’t covered in class.