You put a guy in panties, but you can’t make him drink

Well actually I can, but I wanted to get your attention.

Did you know that my website has almost 100 pages altogether? I’ll bet you didn’t. I do have a sitemap which includes everything on there and where to find it, but I think a lot of people have never seen it.

Did you know I have a Go Ask Teresa column about dressing like a gypsy?

Are you aware that my friend Nikkie has a website which includes complete transformation services, shopping trips,  as well as a full page of Fantasy and Fairy Tales?

Have you seen the 10 virtual makeovers on my resource page? You can really have fun with those and try on all kinds of hairstyles and makeup without even leaving the house!

I know you’re very busy with work, saving the world, shopping for dresses and lingerie, going to fetish events, and finding time for your next vacation in France, but if you get a chance check out some of these semi-hidden pages. You may find something useful.

Here is a partial list of places to go and people to see:

Seek and ye shall find

Strappedinsilk Sitemap

Strappedinsilk Sitemap