Book Review-The Practice of Contemplative Photography

I picked up this book for myself while gift shopping last week and finally finished it this morning. Basically the idea is to slow down…..slow…..way…..down…..and create something special.

So I had a friend over and we contemplated what to photograph, where, the light, background, depth of field, exposure, aperture, and color. Then we contemplated lunch.

We decided on Chinese food, specifically chicken, and contemplated the menu. Orange Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, String Bean Chicken Breast, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken or Grilled Teriyaki Chicken.

Many hours later I got around to photographing some roses in a contemplative way and realized something important. Patience may be a virtue but its easier said than done. I think this is the point of the book but I may have skipped over that part.

The Practice of Contemplative Photography is really an excellent book and I highly recommend it. Great photos, very well written and much more food for thought than the usual technical advice.

Next I will contemplate my mind like a beginner. Because in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few. Contemplate that!

Contemplative Photography Test

Contemplative Photography Test

What, another book?

Well that’s what I thought when I heard about The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. But he talks about the voices in your head in a very interesting way.

For example he writes: “It’s actually a shocking realization when you first notice that your mind is constantly talking. You might even try to yell at it in a feeble attempt to shut it up. But then you realize that’s the voice yelling at the voice:”

Right, so I took my voices to Barnes and Noble and the conversation went like this:

“What, another book? Let’s just take a look, Miley Cyrus recommends it and we need something to read. We, whaddya mean we? Oh look, the new Road Runner magazine is here-hmmm, riding horse county, that sounds interesting. Horses kick you in the head and kill you, forget it. DON’T BE A PUSSY!

I’m not a pussy. Are! Not. ARE! Not.”

We bought the book and the magazine, and we’re trying to figure out the part about the voice yelling at the voice. Sounds a bit far fetched.

Review 11/16: No book can change you until you’re ready to be changed. And as Auden once said; we would rather be ruined than changed. Dammit…

The Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul

Love Letters

You may be getting a tax refund in the near future and you should try to spend it sensibly, not on something frivolous like another babydoll nightie. Unless that babydoll is the Love Letters Babydoll from Dottie’s Delights.

Description: “This little darling is as sheer as it comes, available in either powder pink or black, made of the same authentic wispy nylon as the vintage nightgowns of the 1960’s. Very short, flirty length gathered from the neckline with a tiny satin ribbon and bow stitched at center.

Little cloud tuffs at the shoulder that can be made to stick upright or down depending on the look you desire. My favorite feature is the ruched circle pouch pocket at the hip, also adorned with the satin ribbon. The perfect size to store all of your naughty and nice items – from lipstick to cell phones to condoms.”

OK, lets recap: a beautiful sheer nightie, available in powder pink or black, made of wispy nylon like the ones you may have worn in the 60’s, and a pocket for your lipstick and cell phone. Well if that isn’t sensible I don’t know what is. Go for it!

Note: panties, manicure, pedicure, heels, false eyelashes, wig, lipstick, cell phone and condoms not included.

Dottie’s Delights

Love Letters Babydoll

Love Letters Babydoll

James and the Giant Lipstick

I’d like to tell you a true story about my friend James. This is not a fairy tale but James is indeed a fairy.

He sent me a picture of a dress he found online with the model holding what looks like a giant lipstick, and asked if I had any idea where to buy it. A quick search showed that its not actually giant but it is a rather large red lipstick purse from Pinup Girl. I’ll give you the link at the end of the post.

Red Lipstick Purse

Red Lipstick Purse

This is not really my style, but if you like attention getting accessories it may just be the perfect purse for you. Now I’d like to show you the dress which is also not really my style but very, very cute.

Cartoon Print Dress

Cartoon Print Dress

Be aware that this dress will probably not fit most men. Even though it comes in Large and Extra Large you have to be very trim and not too tall. The Extra Large is designed for a 33 inch waist and a 38 bust. So if that’s you and you like this I say go for it. Butt wait-It also comes in black.

If you buy this dress, and its a great deal at less than $50, you have to ask yourself one question. And its not do you feel lucky, although you might very well get lucky if you rock this outfit. You have to ask yourself if you’re prepared for all the attention you’re going to get from the guys.

So you may want to learn this model’s pose and have a line ready when they ask you out. Look straight at the guy, tilt your sunglasses, and say: “You talkin’ to me?” Don’t get all De Niro on him but say it in your sexiest voice, then wait for a response. You should probably practice this at home.

Cartoon Print Dress in Black

Cartoon Print Dress in Black

Cartoon Print Dress:

Red Lipstick Purse: