So You Want to Buy a Sex Doll

At the Doll Workshop you can catch up on doll news, read frequently asked questions, look at doll photo galleries and even watch doll videos. There is also a doll maintenance and care guide which I’m sure you’ll need sooner or later.

You should realize that these dolls do not have to be used only for sex. When you go out you can dress her up in yoga pants and a cute top like Leslie here and put her in front of your window to make burglars think someone is home.

Note: many burglars will still consider breaking in anyway so go easy on her makeup. Maybe dress her in something a little less attractive like an old housecoat and slippers.

The Doll Workshop

Home Alone

Home Alone

Sex Dolls, Fuel Injectors and Teddy Bears

I was on eBay looking for a new motorcycle and decided to shop around for interesting and unusual things. There is a guy, I’m guessing it’s a guy, selling sex dolls, car parts and stuffed animals.

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

These dolls are on sale for $1250 with free shipping, and the head with make up and wig is also available separately for $300.

Dolls come with three usable holes, wig, makeup, removable vagina for easy cleaning (sometimes I wish I had a removable vagina) and one outfit. Also includes extra removable vagina, glue, and cleaning kit.

Not surprisingly his policy is absolutely no returns on used dolls. Check it out if you need a fuel injector or if a pet is too much work.

Smartfireinjectors eBay

Sex Dolls, Fuel Injectors and Teddy Bears

Sex Dolls, Fuel Injectors and Teddy Bears

Love me-Love my doll

I saw this show on BBC America last night and to me it seemed odd. Of course I dress men up like cheerleaders, French maids, fashion models, June Cleaver lookalikes, schoolgirls, and prostitutes so my opinion is somewhat different than the average plumber.

For a detailed look at this apparently growing trend check out this article. Pictures and all.

Real Dolls