My Name is Barbie

Your name may or may not be Barbie, and you may or may not be able to squeeze into this dress. But it does come in large and it cost less than $18.

This dress is ideal for any yard work that involves bending over. You will probably attract a lot of attention and make new friends, maybe meet some of the neighborhood boys that have nothing to do at night.

Tip: Don’t wear really high heels with this dress and try to walk on the grass, thousands of men get badly injured each summer doing just that. Nobody will be looking at your feet anyway.

My Name is Barbie Body Con Dress

My Name is Barbie Body Con Dress

My Name is Barbie Body Con Dress

New Women’s Clothing Catalogs by Mail

Most of these are E-Catalogs with discount offers, but some like Talbots and Illusion are beautifully illustrated full color catalogs sent to your home, office or P. O. box. Unfortunately you may have to check out every one to find them.

From past experience I’ve found that if you don’t order anything you’ll probably get two at most. This is yet another reason to stock up your dresser, closet and/or secret box. Yes, I know many of you have a secret box.

This side wrap top from Illusion is a steal at $30 and is machine washable.

 Sexy Women’s Clothes & Swimsuits

Side Wrap Top

Side Wrap Top

Free Women’s Clothing Catalogs by Mail

I just received the latest copy of my Boston Proper catalog in the mail today and its fantastic. Its chock full of the newest must-have dresses and accessories for women. This is only one of many catalogs you can get absolutely free, and sent to your Post Office box, house or apartment.

There are all kinds of catalogs available, featuring everything from silk lingerie to swimsuits in every style and color you can imagine.

Some are online catalogs only with discount coupons, and others like Boston Proper are full color beautifully made hard copies.

Picture yourself poolside in this sexy Crossback Sweetheart Maillot one piece from Boston Proper.

Tip: you may have to consider laying off the pretzels and beer to fit into it, at least for the rest of the summer.

Free Women’s Clothing Catalogs by Mail

Crossback Sweetheart Maillot one piece

Crossback Sweetheart Maillot one piece

The Crossdresser In Therapy

Billy had been seeing a psychiatrist for almost a year, and was no closer to figuring anything out than he was on day one.

Three times a week he would come in and say pretty much the same thing: “I like to dress up as a girl but I feel guilty about it.”

Both he and Doctor Gestalt realized that not only was he making no progress, but that he had spent close to $30,000 so far. Billy was frustrated, and often thought he would have been much better off if he just bought that motorcycle he wanted instead of telling his deepest secrets to a complete stranger, and paying him a lot of money just to listen.

Finally out of desperation he told the doctor this and asked what he thought he should do. Much to his surprise the doctor was sympathetic and had a suggestion.

“Why don’t you just buy a dress? I know where you can get a gorgeous spandex mini dress for $30, and if you need a custom size its only $5 more.”

Billy considered that for a second, and was about to discuss the available colors when it stuck him as odd that the doctor knew this.

“Wait a minute-wait a minute, how do you know where to get a cute mini dress? Holy crap, you must be a sissy!”

Doctor Gestalt took a hit from his cigar and smiled. “No Billy, I’m a crossdresser. There’s a difference you know?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me? I spent a fortune here and you just sat there asking me what I think and smoking that stupid cigar?”

“Doctor Gestalt wiped the ashes from his $2,000 slacks and said: “For one thing you never asked me, and more important what I do in the privacy of my home is none of your business. By the way, I’m selling my BMW GS and I can give you a great deal on it.”

Billy considered everything that was said in the last ten minutes, the money he spent, the hours in the smokey office, and took a couple of deep breaths as taught by a previous therapist. Then he calmly got up and hit Doctor Gestalt so hard that he fell off his $8,000 antique chair and lay moaning on the floor.

“OK Doctor Sissy, how much for the GS?”

It took Doctor Gestalt a minute to catch his breath and pick himself up off his $14,000 berber carpet.

“Its Doctor Crossdresser Billy, and if you really want it make me an offer.”


Billy ended up buying the mini dress and the bike and is paying the doctor in weekly installments.

Note: You never see a motorcycle at a psychiatrist’s office. Unless its a very happy guy in a shocking pink mini dress on a BMW R1200 GS.

The history of spandex

Spandex is a synthetic fiber invented in 1959 at DuPont’s Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. The word spandex is an anagram of the word expands.

During the 70s and 80s, spandex leggings became extremely popular among many rock and heavy metal bands. The sudden popularity of spandex was due to the fact that it remained stretchy and tight-fitting even after being worn for a long time.

Spandex was first used in ladies garments such as corsets and other inner wear. Back in those days, women thought it was important to wear a corset and were considered indecently dressed without it. Now spandex is on the primary edge of fashion for both men and women.

How does this affect me, the ordinary crossdresser you may ask?

Well, first you discovered that a pair of silky, satin panties feels wonderful, almost magical. Then as you added another layer such as a pair of tights or pantyhose you noticed that the feeling was even better. A lot better. But you wanted more didn’t you? You wanted to go even further and add another layer or two, or three, or as many as you could get your little hands on.

You may have panties and pantyhose just sort of lying around, but do you have a sexy, tight, spandex dress that fits you perfectly? A dress that can be custom made in exactly your size for about $30? The kind of dress that makes you want to set up your camera and take pictures of yourself looking gorgeous for the whole world to see?

Go ahead and take pictures but think twice about showing the whole world. The last thing you want is to have all your friends wearing the same dress, that’s just embarrassing.

The boys of summer

Its almost here boys! I know you’ve been exercising, eating right, and just waiting to show off your gorgeous figure. Check out these sexy, summer dresses at Nordstrom

This is a French Connection ‘Totally Tropical’ Strapless Dress. You know you want to be totally strapless, right? Only $158. There are plenty of places to get great things at more affordable prices, I just wanted to give you some inspiration. Happy shopping!

French Connection 'Totally Tropical' Strapless Dress

French Connection ‘Totally Tropical’ Strapless Dress