I used to wonder why eBay was invented. Now I know. Also available Superman, Batman, Clark Kent, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson and several other must have heads for your collection.

This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen and for some reason I want one. Maybe put it on my motorcycle somewhere like a guardian bell.

David Beckham Head

David Beckham Head

David Beckham Head

Sex Dolls, Fuel Injectors and Teddy Bears

I was on eBay looking for a new motorcycle and decided to shop around for interesting and unusual things. There is a guy, I’m guessing it’s a guy, selling sex dolls, car parts and stuffed animals.

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

These dolls are on sale for $1250 with free shipping, and the head with make up and wig is also available separately for $300.

Dolls come with three usable holes, wig, makeup, removable vagina for easy cleaning (sometimes I wish I had a removable vagina) and one outfit. Also includes extra removable vagina, glue, and cleaning kit.

Not surprisingly his policy is absolutely no returns on used dolls. Check it out if you need a fuel injector or if a pet is too much work.

Smartfireinjectors eBay

Sex Dolls, Fuel Injectors and Teddy Bears

Sex Dolls, Fuel Injectors and Teddy Bears

The Best Sissy Training Device 2015

Voted first place by The National Sissy Association, this sissy training device will give you the confidence you need to perform like a pro when the occasion arises (and I mean that literally).

Enough said, see for yourself:

See The Sissy Training Device Here

The Sissy Training Device 2015

See The Sissy Training Device Here

Is chastity right for you?

If you’re like most sissies you wear girls clothes all the time, clean the house, and take care of the many other little jobs that a sissy must do such as making dinner.

There you are in your panties and corset preparing a salad, as happy as can be. You’re not wearing your apron because its in the wash, no biggie.

Your wife calls to say she’ll be bringing a new man home, again. His name is Eric and he’s a tall, blond bodybuilder she met at the gym.


Not only can your state of arousal affect the flavor of the meal if you toy with your toy,  its downright dangerous. Sharp knives and erections are not a good combination.

Perhaps its time to consider a chastity device.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Are they expensive? What does it feel like to wear one for weeks on end? Can I get a chastity device in camouflage for when I go hunting?

They are a lot less expensive than a trip to the emergency room to sew your pecker back on.

After a few days you’ll get used to it, go for a record.

Yes they do come in camouflage.

Do some research, ask your sissy friends to recommend a good one for a beginner, and don’t make a big deal out of it. Once you snap that baby on there will be no more big deals for you for a while.

Show me the chastity devices Miss Teresa!

Take a shower!

You’re never going to get out of the shower now.

The Sex in the Shower 6” Rubber Dildo and Suction Cup just made bath time much more enticing. This royal blue dildo is erect with enough flexibility for comfort.

It has a flared base and comes with a double sided suction cup that will adhere to any smooth surface in or out of the water.

Stick it to the bottom of your bathtub and slide yourself down onto it. Try sticking it on the wall of your shower and then back up.


Perfect for both vaginal and anal entry. This dildo can be used with a harness as well. The Sex in the Shower Double Grip Handle will come in handy with this toy, keeping your balance steady.

TIP: Go play in the mud.

Shower Sex 6″ Dildo and Suction Cup $19.95

Sit On It!

So you’ve been thinking putting about things in your ass, right? Come on, you can admit it.

Its OK, a lot of people like that. But you’re just not sure if it will hurt, and exactly how it will feel. Fear no more, because once again I’m here to help you.

I’m talking about The Rude Boys, and they’re more fun than a gaggle of hamsters.

You don’t want to jump into this without research, statistics, measurements, and a schematic. So here you go:

Say Hello to The BOYS! These P-spot pleasure demons stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously. Their unique curved design enables hands-free use. Just insert, sit, rock, enjoy. Made from soft, flexible medical grade silicone, with a classy chrome tip, these innovative anal toys are powered by RO-80mm bullet vibes.

The Boys do come with one warning: intense ejaculation ahead.

Rude Boy:
Length of outer curve, Base to Tip: 11 inches
Length of inner curve, Base to Tip: 7 inches
Insertable length: 6 inches (outer curve), 4 ½ inches (inner curve)
Circumference: 3 ½ inches
Circumference of Vibrational Base: 5 ½ inches

“Where’s the schematic Miss Teresa? We need a schematic.”

This is as close as I could find, but I think you’ll get the picture:

They also come in red to match your favorite panties. There is the Rude Boy, The Naughty Boy, and The Bad Boy, and they all want to play with you.

Go take a look!

I had a dream…

I got a new bag from Twisted Throttle and wanted to take some pictures for a review. I put together a collage and posted it on Twitpic, asking Cycle World and another magazine if they could use an independent reviewer.

It was really hot and humid today so when I got home around noon I took a nap.

I had a dream that they both said yes and started sending me free accessories to try and review. A $1000 top of the line helmet! A sexy Dainese, one piece, leather, motorcycle suit! Racing kits!

Then they began sending me new bikes to test. Cruisers, Dirt bikes, and a 180 MPH sportbike!

I took out the new sportbike and decided to push it to the limit. I was on the highway doing 100 and the road was clear. 120, 140, 150, 175 miles per hour! Out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the distance and started to slow down.


The bike smashed into it and exploded. I slid down the road in my thousand dollar helmet and one piece suit until I finally came to a stop in the middle of the right lane. I was OK.

BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! An 18 wheeler came out of nowhere and rolled over my head.

I woke up in the hospital and thought I was alright, but then I realized my head was gone. I thought it was just dark, or the covers were pulled over me, but nope-no head.

Later on over a cup of iced coffee I decided that if they do make me an offer, I’ll stick to luggage, clothes, and toys. Thanks anyway, but if I have a bike that does 180 I’m sure as hell gonna do it.

“Sometimes a bag is just a bag.” Sigmund Freud



Go Ask Teresa-Gag Me!

L: I don’t see the need for using a gag Miss Teresa-I just don’t know why anyone would want to be gagged-I want to tell you just how much I love to be dressed up in pretty things and treated like a little girl-Did I ever tell you about the first time I tried on my cousin’s bathing suit?-Oh it was so tight it just made me feel so feminine-I have so many tight things now Miss Teresa-I just love corsets, and girdles, and really tight body shapers-The all in one type you know?-I just love to wear a really tight corset and stockings and heels and stand in front of the mirror-I know all the words to the I Feel Pretty song-Would you like me to sing it for you?-I Feel Pretty-I Feel Pretty-I Feel Pretty, and Witty, and……what are you doing Miss Teresa?…..wait a minute I…..but I didn’t tell you how much I……..

Rubber Bit Gag

Me : Whew!