The Problem with Virtual Sissy Reality

The problem with virtual sissy reality is that it can get very messy very fast. There are probably warnings in the instruction manual but you will be too busy figuring out the tremendous combination of fantasies.

If you think you can get through a three hour virtual forced feminization beauty salon session without exploding you’re just kidding yourself. I’d be surprised if you last until your shampoo is finished.

So for obvious reasons you will need a vinyl transparent skirt. Its easy to clean and it comes in five colors including clear (is that a color?) I suggest you use a dry one each time to avoid the risk of electric shock, unless you’re into that.

Rumors are that a satin lined vibrating ejaculator and jism catcher will be a standard accessory when you upgrade to the extreme sissy humiliation kit, but that may be a premature predication.

Vinyl transparent skirt

Vinyl transparent skirt

Vinyl transparent skirt by ZEF2DEATH on Etsy.

TAAZ Virtual Makeover and Hairstyles

The TAAZ online makeover is free and fun to use. Try the hair color changer and the best makeup products, with hundreds of brands to choose from. Browse the latest celebrity hairstyles, and read up on fashion and beauty trends.

If its good enough for Daniel Tosh its good enough for you. Products I used to help him bring out his feminine side:

  1. Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush
  2. Maybelline Cover Stick Waterproof Concealer
  3. Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation
  4. Blinc Mascara
  5. MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner
  6. Maybelline Expertwear Trio Eyeshadow
  7. Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick
  8. Jane Fonda Hairstyle

TAAZ Virtual Makeover & Hairstyles



Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

I was going through the friends page on my website to check for broken links, and many of the sites listed are gone. So I’ve updated everything and I think you’ll find some unique places to visit.

For example, do you know how to make boobs? The link is right there under Blogs, Guides and Stories.

Among a wealth of information including photo galleries, transformation salons, crossdressing captions and Shibari Art Photography, are must know lingerie resources.

Do you know where to find garter belt panties? Well look carefully and you soon will.

If you do find a link that no longer works please let me know. If you have a related website or blog you would like listed contact me.

Strapped In Silk Friends Page

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Crossdresser and Fem Dom resources including virtual makeovers, lingerie, sissy stories and assignments

Crossdresser Virtual Makeovers at

That’s right, there are 6 different Virtual Makeovers on my resource page for you to enjoy.

Hairstyles and makeup are just the tip of the wick. Now you can also perform plastic surgery on yourself without that painful recovery period and occasional irreversible mistake.

Remove smile lines? Yes. Get rid of those dark circles under your eyes? Yes. A nose job? You betcha. Lip augmentation. Absofuckinlutely.

Remove wrinkles, erase frown lines, get a brow lift, change your jaw contour, get rid of acne, repair sun damaged skin? Fuggedaboutit! (that means yes).

Note: if there is no option to download your pic take a screenshot.

Here is a sample I made. I won’t tell you which one I used because you simply must try them all.

Lets call him Big Tony. I found Tony an adorable blond hairstyle, and since he works as a lawyer in New York City, I gave him just the right amount of makeup to wow the judge. A little sparkly lip gloss and he’s ready to do the town, maybe literally.

Some Virtual Makeovers even tell you the products you’ve used, so whenever you get the nerve to actually buy some makeup and learn how to apply it you’ll have a list.

Remember, a little makeup goes a long way. Unless you’re a man with a beard.

Crossdresser Virtual Makeovers

Crossdresser Virtual Makeovers

Crossdresser Virtual Makeovers